More to carry? Ultra-fun long-tail family cargo bikes

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The Swoop’s specialty is carrying kids and cargo.

If there was a singular design focus with the Swoop, it was this:
To build a bike worthy of your most precious cargo.

One kid? Two? Three? You got it!

The nitty-gritty features

  • Kid capacity: The Swoop can carry one, two or three kids inside the Hooptie enclosure, or if you have younger kids, you can add one or two optional Yepp seats so they are securely strapped in.

  • Cargo capacity: Comes with a large beefy rear rack and two spacious CargoBay bags. Carry four bags of groceries. Ginormous diaper bags. Whatever else. You’ll be amazed what people can haul on an Xtracycle.

  • Stopping power: Responsive, powerful Shimano hydraulic brakes.

  • Need even more cargo room? If you need more cargo room, the frame includes integrated mounts so you can add our standard front-mounted Porter Rack, which then can carry a roomy Porter Pack if you like, for hauling lots of small or medium-sized items.

  • See and be seen: The e-assist system also powers the built-in front and rear Bright-Sight lights. No changing batteries or forgetting your lights at home. They’re just always there, crazy bright, whenever you need them.

  • Built for safety and durability: The sturdy-yet-supple 4130 chromoly frame is built to last. Worry-free Xtracycle Signature Safety Fork is also made from strong, durable 4130 Chromoly steel and has an ultra-secure thru-axle.

  • One size fits most: The Swoop frame (all Xtracycle frames actually) comes in one size. The bike is fit to the rider using our simple sizing kit (seatpost and handlebar stem – available in small, medium and large). This makes sharing the bike among multiple riders easier, and makes it relatively easy and inexpensive to change the bikes “size” if the primary rider of the bike changes. Just another part of our anti-obsolescense pledge.