Why Xtracycle?

If you ask our customers and the cycling experts, they’ll tell you our bikes and service are second to none. Whether you need the kid-carrying might of our EdgeRunners, the offroad reliability of the Stoker, or a compact cargo solution that is Ready For Anything (RFA), we’ve engineered bikes that work for you.  In fact, with our add-on component ecosystem, you can further personalize your bike to fit your specific needs.  That’s why we say Xtracycle is Made for You.

We also help bring longtail cargo bikes and utility-cycling solutions to disadvantaged people all over the world through our sister charity, Worldbike, so you’ll support that good work when you support us.

A History of Excellence

Since 1998, Xtracycle has been called the best cargo bike on earth. Countless glowing customer testimonials and objective reviews by cycling experts from some of the most trusted media organizations in the world come to the same conclusion. Xtracycles are the safest, most fun, highest-quality, longest-lasting cargo bikes around, and each one is totally customizable to match your vision of the perfect ride—plus, with our Super-Modular Accessory System, they’re ready to grow and change with your evolving needs as you roll through life.

In fact, our mechanical and electric cargo bikes have been lauded for their ability to change people’s lives for the better, bringing them greater, more fulfilling connection to their family, kids, friends, neighbors, and community. Xtracycle cargo bikes also offer features and benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Highest Quality

The bike builders in our factories are well-paid master craftspeople who take great pride in their work. We think this is of the utmost importance. Not only is the workmanship as good as any bicycle out there; we also use only the finest chromoly steel and aluminum alloys to build our bikes, so that they are truly the best option for cargo and utility cycling. Our bikes are also tested to exceed the rigorous ISO4210 global safety standard and must score a perfect 100/100 in the eagle eyes of a quality-control expert with a pass/fail checklist dozens of entries long. (It’s kind of exhausting when you think about it! But we want you and your loved ones as safe as our own.)

We are also the only cargo-bike maker to ensure maximum safety by always using hydraulic disc brakes and though-axle forks.

Best-In-Class Comfort & Handling

Our designs and geometry are painstakingly developed, tested, and tested again, and it pays off. Xtracycle cargo bikes are without a doubt the most comfortable and easiest to ride. We invite you to compare one of our bikes against anything else out there.

Comprehensive Super-Modular Accessory System

No other cargo-bike or utility-cycling company offers such a wide array of accessories or makes sure that its systems are as backwards-compatible as possible. And not only do we have the best and most comprehensive system; we even design our gear so it plays nice with other company’s bikes as well, giving the consumer more options to make a lifestyle change with greater ease.


Throwaway consumer culture is not cool, but change is inevitable, so our products are not only durable but are designed to our Longtail Standard, to incorporate future innovations as they’re developed. Whether you’re a DIY creative, a hardcore adventurer, or just a parent riding your kids to school, you can build your bike the way you want it, knowing that we work hard to make sure you’ll always be able to change it up as your needs evolve.

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