The perfect front rack for your compatible EdgeRunner. Pairs perfectly with our PorterPack bag.

Please see the compatibility section of the product description to make sure your Xtracycle has the required mounts for the PorterRack.


Product Specs


Base: 17-3/4″ w x 11-3/4″ d

Back: 8-1/2″ h x 13-1/2″ d


The PorterRack mounts directly to the frame of many EdgeRunners including all electric EdgeRunners. Its open-ended design gives you the option to carry almost anything, and the PorterPack gives you additional storage options.

Patented Design: Patent No.: D800,634

An important note: This rack will only fit on Xtracycle bikes with PorterRack mounts that are spaced 150mm apart. Please see the „User manuals – compatibility“ section in this product listing for more details.

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If your EdgeRunner, Swoop, Stoker, or RFA has threaded bosses on the headtube of the bike that are spaced 150mm apart vertically (measuring from center of boss to center of boss), you’ll be able to mount this rack out of the box. Here is what the mounts look like:

The PorterRack fits these models:

  • Xtracycles where the PorterRack mounts are spaced 150mm apart vertically, which can include the Swoop, Classic, Stoker and pre-2018 frames that were sized large. Be sure to measure your mounts to confirm.
  • All Shimano powered Xtracycles.

The PorterRack will not fit these models:

  • Any Xtracycle model that does not have PorterRack mounts.
  • Pre-2021 Xtracycles with PorterRack mounts that are spaced 110mm. This includes pre-2018 frames that were sized small / medium. In these cases, the rack can be modified by drilling new holes but this would have to be done at the buyer’s expense. Any rack that has been modified would not be eligible for return.