This eSwoop’s low step-thru frame makes climbing aboard a bike loaded with kids or cargo a breeze.


Light blue (glossy)


Question: how might one aspiring SuperParent ditch the car keys, carbon emissions, and congested highways—and still get the kids to soccer practice early? Designed for ease of cargo loading and handling, the Swoop is your instrument for going all-in on the cargo bike lifestyle. Parked in the garage where your second car used to be, the Swoop is an obvious pick for quick coffee runs, Burning Man, school drop-offs, and cross-town errands alike. Is that your other car looking nervous? 

For the vertically-challenged or not-so-flexible among us (or those that just don’t feel like kicking their kids in the face), this bike’s low step-thru frame makes climbing aboard a breeze. With its highly-engineered steering stability, you’re still in control—even under a heavy load. And with a 20-inch rear wheel, petite and novice riders can handle the Swoop with mastery—undetectable noob-status for the win.

The 2021 eSwoop comes equipped with the Shimano STEPS EP8 system:

  • The Shimano STEPS EP8 e-bike motor has a top pedal-assist speed of 20 mph and up-to 85 nM of torque for hilly terrain or heavier loads.
  • A single 630 watt-hour battery provides between 30 to 60 miles per charge, depending on conditions, and can be charge with the included EC-6002 charger.
  • The Shimano EC-6002 charger which can charge your battery from 0-100% in 10.2 hours or 0-80% in 7.5 hours.
  • The E5003 cycling computer which gives easy handlebar access to system controls.